Bob Comlay

Bob Comlay (seen here at age 19) had made two voyages to Greenland in 1970 and 1971 in the pilot cutter “Sea Breeze”, and his memories of those experiences with Tilman are still vivid today helped in no small part by a collection of remarkably good photographs.  Bob pursued a successful career with IBM, though by the time I met him he expressed a certain regret at not having continued with a life of adventure abroad.  Certainly, he was one of the few crew members for whom Tilman had enough respect to invite him back for subsequent voyages.  But the obligations and pressures of going to university at that time in his life took priority, and soon thereafter the constraints of work and family caught up as they do for most of us.  Yet, at that first meeting,  I detected in Bob a quiet resolve to make up for lost time and chalk up some new adventures as time moves on. Since then, Bob and I have become good friends, and correspond fairly frequently.

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